Edtech around the world

The global education tech landscape

Admittedly, this may be more interesting to investors in education technology and/or entrepreneurs operating in this space, but even educators themselves may find this a fascinating read. If nothing else it points to some of the way our lives as entrepreneurial educators might change in the future.

I am referring to the work done by Navitas in mapping edtech initiatives around the world. In the process, they have also devised a system of categorisation which no doubt will change over time, but gives a good start to helping us think about innovation in education.

They have 16 clusters which they allocate across 6 themes:

  1. Content – Publishers, Content Distribution and Digital Learning
  2. Platforms – LMS, Analytics and Social Learning
  3. Access – Recruitment and Employment, Admissions and Financing
  4. Immersion – VR/AR and China Edtech
  5. Learning – Formal/ Accredited and Informal/ Non Accredited
  6. Progression – Peer to Peer and Tutoring, Language and Literacy, and Testing and Credentialing.

In summary, Landscape 3.0 maps 26 clusters of innovation across 15,000 companies in the next generation learning lifecycle and $50 billion of investment around the world. There are over 60 pages of market maps and profiles including analysis of each cluster on the dimensions of scale, investment, traction and disruptive potential. It offers analysis across eight stages of the next generation learning lifecycle, providing insights into market size and investment, innovation traction and disruptive potential .

The report is downloadable at: Global Tech Landscape 3.0

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