Introduction to skills and expertise

I have three areas of focus that are inter-related and self-reinforcing.

In each focus area, I have developed some deep skills - and in the areas of intersection further "derivative skill sets" have also arisen.

In my 30 years experience, I have also developed deeper experience in certain industry verticals

The focus areas and skill sets are shown below; and you can dive into my history and education by downloading my resume or viewing my LinkedIn profile.

SPG skills and expertise

 1. Director (and founder) of Genesis Management Consulting, a strategy consulting practice.

I have 30 years of experience as a management consultant working for corporates and public sector. I have been running Genesis for 12 years, after ten years as as a global partner at Deloitte Consulting. Deep skills in this area include:

  • Strategy development and management
  • Financial analysis and financial modelling
  • Market research and analysis
  • Strategic decision making
  • Business model development
  • Project and program management
  • Management consulting practice leadership

2. CEO and co-founder of Mashauri, an online entrepreneur education platform.

This is a on online education platformr provided to universities to enable them to offer experiential entrepreneurial education to their students.

While developing Mashauri, I have acquired certain areas of deep expertise:

  • Lean startup process and mentoring
  • Digital education and program development
  • Gamification in education to facilitate engagement and learning
  • Entrepreneurial education
  • Student entrepreneurship
  • Development of entrepreneurial ecosystems

3. Adjunct professor at IE Business School, where I mainly teach executive education students.

I run programs in strategy, innovation strategy, entrepreneurship, mergers & acquisition, Women on Boards and strategic decision making.

IE is at the cutting edge of digital education and are particularly strong in entrepreneurship. My Mashauri and consulting  experience enhances my teaching and have resulted in 3 teaching excellence awards.  

Specific skills developed while at IE are:

  • Professional lecturing
  • Blended teaching
  • Student engagement