build your own personal website

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Module 1
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What is a personal brand and what are the benefits

What role does a personal website play in personal branding

What are the ten benefits of a personal website

Examples of great personal websites

Why create a personal website now (rather than waiting)

How will this course teach you to build one without technical skills

Full Course Curriculum


Section 1: Design

Benefits of a personal brand and a personal website
Structure and format of the course
Designing your site
Objectives and desired outcomes
The user experience

Section 3: Market

Creating content now and in the future
Marketing your site - how to get noticed
Building a mailing list
How to track people visiting your site

Section 2: Develop

First steps - a domain and a service provider
Selecting the right site development tool
Build your site with WordPress
Build your site using other platforms
Using plugin modules to enhance your site

Section 4: Maintain & Secure

Updating and maintenance of your site
Security and spam
Personal data and usage
Protection and back-up