Successful entrepreneurs: Iyeza Express

Mashauri is thrilled to be running a venture accelerator programme with the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. We not only guide the students in starting their own business with tools, process and other best practices, we also motivate and inspire by exposing them to successful entrepreneurs. Charleen Duncan, head of UWC’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has encouraged us to not only use the “big names” of the startup world like the South African Elon Musk, but also to showcase people closer to home who are making a difference through their entrepreneurial ventures.

On that basis, we would like to share the inspirational story of Sizwe Nzima who founded Iyeza Health. The company delivers essential drugs to people in townships where normal deliveries are almost impossible through issues like no formal addresses and informal roads.

Take a look at the videos below

He is experimenting with the what3words app to help him as well.

So, maybe you do not need to be Elon Musk to start a business and make a difference!

If you are not lucky enough to be on the UWC programme, you can still start with our free LAUNCH programme.

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